Paver re-leveling

Winters in Montreal can really make a mess of hardscapes. There are a few things to look out for once the final thaw has passed and before you’re ready to enjoy your pavers for the summer.

Check for Lose or Heaved Brick Pavers

With the freeze thaw cycle pavers can shift or rise up if moisture is below them. Make sure the surface is flat and does not have any high or low spots that will collect water and lead to further problems. High or low spots also present a tripping hazard that should be corrected immediately.

Check That Edging Is In Place

The black plastic edging around your pavers holds them together tightly. The spikes used to hold the edging in place tends to creep up a bit every winter. Make sure the edging is still holding the pavers together tightly. If it is rising above or pulling away from the pavers it is time to replace it.

Make sure there is enough sand in joints

The sand that goes between the brick pavers is used to interlock the pavers. Without it pavers have a tendency to wiggle which will lead to lose and separating pavers. Joint sand should be at the bottom of the bevel on the paver edge. Make sure it is actually sand between the pavers and not just dirt and organic debris that has filled the voids. Dirt in the joints is what makes a great place for moss, weeds, and grass to grow.

Pavers deck

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